Mashable: Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined

February 2, 2012


According to this article on Mashable, Pinterest is the latest rising star in the social media universe. A favorite website of savvy brides, decorators, cooks and anyone else looking to bookmark their inspiration, Pinterest has created a place that allows users to organize and share all the beautiful things they find on the web. The almost two year old website now beats YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace for percentage of total referral traffic in January, according to a Shareaholic study.

To see the Shareaholic study, click here

Alyssa Camacho: Watch out tinterwebs, there’s a new social media darling in town. Since I happen to be in the sweet spot of my life where my summer weekends seem to be filled with weddings and all of the corresponding event glory, I’ve been hounded by my bridezillas (I kid, my friends) to join Pinterest for some time now. I finally took the plunge (metaphorically speaking) and joined last week (admittedly I only have one item pinned on one board) but I can see how mesmerizing this website can be.

After checking out a few of the major early-adopters, I’m excited to see how this plays out as an application for the consumer oriented companies. As professional communicators, we often sit and wonder about the profitability of our favorite social media tools but when it comes to consumer engagement, Pinterest is sitting on a goldmine of potential. If consumer brands utilize Pinterest correctly, they will give their brand loyalists access to their inspirations as well as direct them to a place where they can purchase it.

Every major brand wants to be considered a “lifestyle” but there are very few companies that achieve that sensibility on a grand scale. Anthropolgie is a great example of one that does because they present a very cultivated viewpoint. It’s not about the brand name anymore but the feeling that name inspires. Pinterest is a place where companies with stylistic similarities and mission statements can join together to share their way to make life (and their bottom line) a little more beautiful.

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